Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pat's Row for Dee

Pat can't access the blog so she emailed the picture to me. Looks great!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Misha's Row for Pat

Pat's Row

Well then, nothing like a deadline looming to make me kick into gear and get some sewing done!! Here are my 4 blocks for Pat's row. I used the Blazing Arrows block from Quilter's Cache. I've always liked this block, and in fact had bookmarked it to possibly use in the previous Row Robin for Becky's row but then went in a different direction and did some appliqued animals instead.

I oriented 2 of the blocks 1/4 turn just so you could see them can also line them all up facing the same way and then the black background makes some triangles and diamonds between the blocks. If you click on the photo you can see close ups of each block.

Hope she likes them, I tried to pick some of the prettiest batiks from my stash, including a couple of brand new ones I just picked up 2 weeks ago at a show :)

Smokey couldn't help herself, she just loves to pet the fabric!!

Smokey helps with the Row Robin

Friday, November 23, 2012

Round 5...Check in Please!

Snow 11.8.12
I know that Karen finished Rebecca's Round 5 because I already have it in my hands (and started working on it, actually). I still need to start Pat's Round 5 and just looked at the calendar and was surprised to see that we're supposed to mail a week from tomorrow. Whoa! I thought it was mid-December that it was due but it's actually the FIRST. Well, better to notice now than a week from now I guess!

Colene emailed me that she finished Karen's row and mailed to Dee last week. Other than that, it's been awhile since anyone has posted so I'm a bit lost as to where we are with everything. If each of you could leave a comment and just confirm what you have in your hands or recently mailed/received that would be great!

Less than 3 months to retreat, can you believe it!?? (Hah, I'm so lost I initially named this "Round 4" when it's actually Round 5!)