Saturday, December 31, 2011

It Just Takes 2 - Mystery Quilt

Rebecca (and anyone else interested), there is a blog that's going to do a mystery that is for a 2 color sampler quilt, inspired by the Infinite Variety: Three Hundred Years of Red and White Quilts exhibit
that was in New York this past March. 

The sampler/BOM is at

I guess you need to sign up for it, but it's free as long as you log in each least that's what I got from the blog.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pat M's VOS Row Robin 2010 Top

I was going through the VOS Webshots page today and found a picture of Pat's top completely put together. It was taken at the 2011 retreat. We had all hoped to have our tops put together by then, and I know at least a couple of the gals succeeded as I remember also that Becky was hand quilting hers...I'll look for a pic of that top also.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

VOS Row Robin 2010 - Misha

I'm going to include pictures here of the 2010 Row Robin quilts as they progressed. Please let me know if I make any mistakes! This first set will be the blocks I received, and made.

First, the center of my quilt, which was 48" square, and made from HSTs received and made during my first swap back around May 2008. Becca was the hostess and we received so many wonderful patches!

 Here on the right are most of the blocks I received from the VOS gang. Don't they look fabulous and wintery!?!? I regret to admit that I have not sewn them into a top yet. I am seriously thinking about using the same theme this year, but 6" blocks instead of 12", so I can put them all together like a big puzzle.

These are the blocks I made for Becky's Arizona themed quilt. The animal shapes are from Sindy's wonderful (and free) Fat Cat Patterns, and have ultrasuede accents and heat set crystals for a little bling.

Next is one of the batik blocks I designed for Pat M's quilt. I made several of them, in different colors. At the moment, I can't find a good picture of the row, so I'm posting this one, my favorite of the lot! The background was supplied to us, and is a very, very pale blue batik. I designed my own pattern loosely based on a Dad's Plaids block, and used Shelley/Pirate's Freezer Paper Piecing instructions.

Colene's quilt had a Summer theme, and I made the following for her:
Hawaiian Shirts on a clothes line

Asian lily with buds and embroidery details

Pink poppies with beaded centers
 And last but not least, my row of blocks for Rebecca C's quilt:

Friday, December 2, 2011

Getting things started

We are Valley of the Sun retreat attendees, and this will be a place for us to discuss our ideas and share photos of the Row Robin quilts we'll be working on.

Ladies: I think we should probably proceed like we did 2 years ago and bring our ideas, starter rows, notebooks and background fabric (if you so desire) to the retreat itself.

I've never set up a group blog before so I need to go look around and figure out what is needed to hook all the players up with a password, etc. Players so far: me (Misha), Rebecca C, Colene R and Pat M. Waiting to hear from Becky S and to see if we are going to open it up to other participants. If there were 6 of us, we'd each have 2 months to work on each row.