Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rebecca's Row for Karen

Here they are! I didn't do the Redwork, as I wasn't up for that right now.  These blocks are from  2 Eleanor Burns books.  I hope you like them Karen!  Will have them in the mail in a few days.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Round 3 Status

Teaser for Dee's Round 3...
Well ladies, looks like we're humming right along!!! It's about 5 weeks until the mailing deadline for this round (July 14th) but Pat and Karen have already finished and mailed theirs :)

I will fine tune this post as the round progresses, but I believe at this time...(updated 7/3)

Colene has Misha's Round 3 row
Dee has Pat's Round 2 row and Rebecca's Round 3 Row
Karen is empty handed
Misha has Dee's Round 2 row and Colene's Round 3 row
Rebecca is empty handed...but not for too long!
Pat has Karen's Round 3 row

If there are any updates, please add them to comments!