Friday, June 8, 2012

Round 3 Status

Teaser for Dee's Round 3...
Well ladies, looks like we're humming right along!!! It's about 5 weeks until the mailing deadline for this round (July 14th) but Pat and Karen have already finished and mailed theirs :)

I will fine tune this post as the round progresses, but I believe at this time...(updated 7/3)

Colene has Misha's Round 3 row
Dee has Pat's Round 2 row and Rebecca's Round 3 Row
Karen is empty handed
Misha has Dee's Round 2 row and Colene's Round 3 row
Rebecca is empty handed...but not for too long!
Pat has Karen's Round 3 row

If there are any updates, please add them to comments!


  1. I repeat, eeck. Karen has nothing to do because of me.

  2. LOL! No need to freak out, we're on schedule. We have a whole month left!!! Besides, once you DO mail to Karen she'll just have it to me a week later and then I'LL be the one feeling the pressure ;)


  3. good point. I'm betting she's figured out a way to go ahead without me anyway.

  4. LOL Dee, I'm askeered too!!

    Thanks, Rebecca, it's now updated! I'm finally cutting fabric for Dee's row. Hope to get all done by Friday so I can mail Saturday.