Sunday, September 23, 2012

Karen's row by Colene

My row for Karen is on top. I like how this is coming together. Very pretty.


  1. Looks great, Colene! I need to update the rounds...I know Karen is already done with Rebecca's and is ready to mail to me (That's round 5) and I have Pat's Round 4. Rebecca just received your Round 4 from me, and since the photo you posted has 5 finished rows, I know that's round 5 for Karen. I remember seeing you had my Row 4 finished and were mailing to Dee recently. The only one I'm not clear on is the status of Dee's Row. Seems like we're doing well to all get our rows back by retreat!!

  2. I forgot to tell Karen until she asked me just now (bad Misha!) I do officially have Rebecca's rows at my house now too.

  3. Did Dee receive your row? I haven't heard.

    1. I emailed her and she just replied that yes, she has it. She's been working double shifts and neither of us could remember if she'd posted about receiving them yet.

      Next round (where you are completing a 5th row) is due to be mailed Dec 1st, and then the last rounds are due by Retreat!

  4. Awesome. We are getting closer. I've been wishing for retreat a lot lately.

  5. This was my 5th round I think. Leaving me Only Dee's rows to do. Right?

  6. you are right Colene. You only have mine left and I saw where Rebecca is done with it,but it has to go to Pat next, right? I have Misha's now, and you are about to send me Karens. I need some inspiration for Mishas and some time to work on it. soon, project at work finishes next week.