Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Misha's Row for Rebecca

misha for rebecca

I'm done! I decided to go with my original block, even though there were 2 other blocks in the row already with plain white centers. Rebecca liked it best I think, and I know I did. I really enjoyed using the Quilt in a Day ruler for this...the triangle in square blocks were so precise it made sewing the block together really easy :)

I also received a picture from Karen of the blocks she made/is making for me, but am not sure if she's ready for me to post them or not. I'll double check with her first. They're adorable!

So we're almost wrapped up here...Dee, Karen and Rebecca all have their rows back. I'm trying to decide if I want Karen to mail my rows to me or bring them to retreat...I can't decide, but I need to figure it out soon, LOL!

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  1. Ladies, I got my Rows in the mail, and they are WONDERFUL! You all did such a wonderful job. Thanks so much.