Friday, December 2, 2011

Getting things started

We are Valley of the Sun retreat attendees, and this will be a place for us to discuss our ideas and share photos of the Row Robin quilts we'll be working on.

Ladies: I think we should probably proceed like we did 2 years ago and bring our ideas, starter rows, notebooks and background fabric (if you so desire) to the retreat itself.

I've never set up a group blog before so I need to go look around and figure out what is needed to hook all the players up with a password, etc. Players so far: me (Misha), Rebecca C, Colene R and Pat M. Waiting to hear from Becky S and to see if we are going to open it up to other participants. If there were 6 of us, we'd each have 2 months to work on each row.


  1. MIsha, Thanks for setting this up. I think 6 would be great. 2 months is perfect. My theme will be Red & White and I will be providing my own fabric. I am going to leave it up to the sewer to decide the block. I've been wanting to do a two color quilt so this will be fun. :) Can't wait to see you all in Feb!

  2. Rebecca, that sounds like a great theme! I see you are showing up as a "contributor", so please try to make a new post/entry to test it out :)