Sunday, April 1, 2012

Current Round Progress

Well ladies, how is everything coming along? I know that Karen completed Dee's row and I've received it. I've got the first redwork done for Karen's row, and hope to get started on a 2nd one today. I think I'll only have time to stitch 2, so the rest of the row will be pieced blocks.

Row robin for Karen

I will continue to update this post as the Round 1 (starter) rows make their way to the next quilter. The "Round" number will be how many completed rows it has. I think that makes sense?

Updated May 3rd...future updates will be in a different post.

Colene received Rebecca's Round 2 row AND Misha's Round 3 row!!! (5/3)
Dee received Pat's Round 2 row (4/30)
Karen has received Colene's Round 2 row
Misha has Dee's Round 2 row
Rebecca has and Karen's Round 2 row
Pat is empty handed now (5/3)

If there are any updates, please add them to comments!


  1. oh, very nice. I've been thinking a lot. and pulled some fabrics. and thinking. but so far that's as far as I've gotten. There was a free pattern in an email from EQ this morning for pieced flowers that I may take a look at.

  2. I mailed it out today to Pat. I procrastinated like crazy cause I was going to do some hand applique, and I just was feeling it. SO I put that away and did something else. My theme is Red & White blocks, in geometric blocks. No curves or applique. I forgot to also add that I don't want them sewn together.
    Sorry so late ladies, really, I will get my tooshie in gear. :)