Sunday, January 15, 2012

Colenes row

I managed to finish my row last weekend. I used bleached muslin for my background. Fused flowers with satin stitch. I made the baskets the same for a clean simple look. I would like to keep the background crisp white with flower baskets as my theme this year.
Also. Welcome to Dee!!!


  1. Yay Colene! Looks great! So will we make one long row each, with the same number of baskets along the way, or do you want a variety?

    I should warn you, my machine only does a straight stitch so no zig zag or satin stitch ability here. I could maybe do a blanket stitch by hand if that appeals to you?

  2. One long row, not necessarily the same amount of baskets. Also they can be pieced if desired rather than applique baskets.

  3. Hi Colene, your baskets are lovely! :)

  4. oh those look fun! starting to get excited