Friday, January 6, 2012

Ladies...Start Your Engines!

I can't believe retreat is only 6 weeks away. Woo hoo!

Be sure to get your first row for your own Row Robin ready. You will be handing off your starter row, notebook and any fabric you may want to provide to the first participant while at retreat. Providing any fabric at all for your own quilt is totally optional.

Remember that as things progress we would like all packages to be mailed with a tracking number. We had great success last time with no lost or delayed packages and I hope we have the same good luck this year! I plan to include a giant Ziploc bag with my name and address printed on the outside for all the contents to go into prior to going in whatever box you will mail my row around in, so that if the contents get separated from the outer box there will still be a way to identify me as the owner. You may wish to do something similar :)

I've heard from Rebecca C that she is going to do a red & white quilt, and will provide the fabric for it. I understand Pat the Cat is doing batiks on black and will provide background fabric. I will most likely be having you ladies continue to make blue and white snowflakes/stars for me, but this time on a smaller scale I have plenty of 12" blocks now, but want some 6" ones so I can put it together like a big puzzle.

If Colene and/or Karen feel like chiming in with what they have in mind please go for it! Either comment on this post or create a new one.

If there are any questions please ask!

I don't have a Row Robin related picture for this entry, so here is photo of my personal assistant slash quilt inspector instead...


  1. Looks like you have a great inspector! LOL I have a Sheltie inspector who sits under my ironing board or at my feet. It is interesting trying to find the machine pedal! LOL Will be getting started on my Row next week, I have to go buy the fabric! I was thinking 4 yards of both colors, what do you all think?

  2. If you're doing a twin, I think 4 yards is about right (x2 colors). I just drew up a quick 4 x 6 layout with several different 12" blocks in QuiltWizard and it's guesstimating about 3.5 yards of each color. It always seems to over estimate what is actually needed IMO. Then again, maybe it knows some of us need that extra yardage, LOL!!!