Saturday, January 7, 2012

Please Welcome....Dee!!!

We have a sixth and final player now in our Row Robin, Dee from Texas! I've sent a Blogger invite to her (and Pat the Cat again). You both need to accept the invitation so you can post images to the blog and create new posts. This will be where we share our photos and progress!!

If you don't know how to work Blogger, we can go over that at the retreat. Or just go in there and play with it, I can always clean it up later if you make a fact you can probably edit your own posts to your heart's content I would imagine.

Um...these look so much better with a photo...hmm....So here is Smokey helping me with my own starter block 2 years ago. Apparently this was *before* she learned to squint for the flash ;)


  1. Hey, here I am. Another question. What do you mean by notebook? I need to start thinking I guess.

  2. The notebook is optional, but it's a little way for you to put down in writing your thoughts about what you'd like the quilt to look like, plus a place the others can write a little about working on your quilt. It can be as simple or as complicated as you'd like. Mine was a pretty small little booklet, others were more like a spiral bound notebook.

    That reminds me, I think Colene ended up sending my blocks to me directly so she never signed my notebook. I'll have to remember to bring the same one this year!

  3. ok, I could attach the upholstery fabric in the notebook along with a picture of a bigger piece.