Monday, January 16, 2012

The Order

Previously, the order was:
Misha  ---> Pat M  
Pat M   --->  Becky 
Becky  --->  Rebecca C   
Rebecca C  --->  Colene  
Colene   --->  Misha

This round I thought maybe we'd go in alphabetical order, but that would have me sending to Pat and Rebecca sending to Colene I swapped Pat and Rebecca:

Colene ---> Dee
Dee ---> Karen
Karen ---> Misha
Misha ---> Rebecca
Rebecca ---> Pat
Pat ---> Colene

We'll exchange mailing addresses at retreat if anyone wants theirs going somewhere other than the address on the retreat attendee list (like me: mine go to my Mum's house).

It's only a month away, ladies!!! I fly into Phoenix on the 16th!!!


  1. YAY! it sure is getting closer! I better get sewing! :)

  2. I'm cooking up an idea for an entirely different quilt for myself. I guess the deciding factor will be whether or not I can get the row done before retreat!

  3. oh dear, looks like I need to start thinking about flower blaskets!